Brandon & Barbara : Wedding – Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

I may age myself, but, I took Brandon’s senior photos years ago!  Brandon’s dad, Chris, use to be my farrier when I had Flame (one of my horses) at a boarding barn up in Beaver County.  So, fast forward, Brandon joined the U.S. Army following graduation and is now stationed overseas.  He met his wonderful wife while in Germany.  These two are such a sweet couple!

Planning an intimate wedding on the family’s farm, from Germany, is not small task but it was perfect.  Thank you both for allowing me to capture some sweet memories from your big day!

Here’s to a lifetime of happiness!


Jones Wedding-1Jones Wedding-5Jones Wedding-7Jones Wedding-13Jones Wedding-16Jones Wedding-21Jones Wedding-25Jones Wedding-32Jones Wedding-40Jones Wedding-44Jones Wedding-50Jones Wedding-55Jones Wedding-62Jones Wedding-72Jones Wedding-86Jones Wedding-88Jones Wedding-103Jones Wedding-105Jones Wedding-110Jones Wedding-112Jones Wedding-113Jones Wedding-116Jones Wedding-119Jones Wedding-120Jones Wedding-124Jones Wedding-126Jones Wedding-130Jones Wedding-131Jones Wedding-136Jones Wedding-138Jones Wedding-141Jones Wedding-145Jones Wedding-176Jones Wedding-186Jones Wedding-196Jones Wedding-201Jones Wedding-202Jones Wedding-216Jones Wedding-244Jones Wedding-253Jones Wedding-256Jones Wedding-260

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