Our horses : Equine – Pittsburgh Equine Photographer

Last winter, I took some photos of our own boys playing and running in the snow!  Hubs was awesome at moving them around the pasture a bit while I snapped a few photos.  I never thought my own ponies would make such awesome models! Most of ours are very “in your pocket” so getting them away from us long enough to actually take the photos was an entertaining challenge.  The chestnut horse, Flame (will be 29 in July), assumes he gets immunity from modeling, so he stood with me most of the shoot (and that’s fine by me).

Enjoy some winter photos of our boys!

PS- a gray horse in your herd is a MUST but they are a pain, especially this time of year, to keep clean.  I have no grooming secrets…. just photoshop.  🙂



So glad I got one of Flame running with my other boys!



Boys Playing in snow compDSC_6744

Rescue horse, Disco!


Curly Quinn’s mane is getting so long now! What a handsome almost three year old!


That brown, out of focus blob is Flame.  He wanted to be my Tripod.


What Oats actually looks like with no photoshop 🙂


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