C&G Ranch : Equine – Pittsburgh Equine Photographer

Elm Hollow Photography now offers farm calls! If you have lesson students, host camps, or have a boarding barn with five or more people interested in having photos taken, please contact me!  This was my first official “farm call” marathon hosted by C & G Ranch in Evans City, PA.  Jeffrey, Tanya, and their wonderful team made the day just perfect.

I just had so much fun with all of these wonderful teams of horses, riders, and handlers!!  See you guys this show season and good luck to all!

Check out some of my favorite photos from this farm call session:


C & G Ranch-2C & G Ranch-5C & G Ranch-8C & G Ranch-12C & G Ranch-14C & G Ranch-16C & G Ranch-18C & G Ranch-20C & G Ranch-22C & G Ranch-24

C & G Ranch-27

C & G Ranch-29C & G Ranch-33C & G Ranch-37C & G Ranch-41C & G Ranch-42C & G Ranch-44C & G Ranch-46C & G Ranch-49C & G Ranch-53C & G Ranch-55C & G Ranch-59C & G Ranch-63C & G Ranch-68C & G Ranch-91C & G Ranch-113C & G Ranch-128

These guys cracked me up!!! Barn friends are the BEST friends!

C & G Ranch-135

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