Montana : Equine Photographer

I have finally gotten around to this post from Montana last February.  All I can say is, what an experience!  The wonderful retreat was hosted by Phyllis Burchett and Kim Beer.  We stayed at the Mission Ranch Lodge, near Livingston Montana. The Ranch was unfortunately sold right after our stay.  I am pretty sure we were the last guests that stayed before new ownership.  Each day of our stay provided us with beautiful scenery, great photo opportunities, and wonderful hosts!

The winter months provided unique scenery and sub zero temps!  These cowboys and cowgirls were nothing short of AMAZING!  Braving the weather, as ranchers do every day, just so we could get some amazing photos!  Thank you all for making this a great experience!

Check out some of my favorite images from my travels:


DSC_7803cwebDSC_8006wDSC_8070wDSC_8154wDSC_0018DSC_0087DSC_7952Montana 2018-4Montana 2018-7Montana 2018-12Montana 2018-16Montana 2018-38Montana 2018-47Montana 2018-52Montana 2018-60Montana 2018-67Montana 2018-79Montana 2018-86Montana 2018-90Montana 2018-94Montana 2018-115Montana 2018-128Montana 2018-136Montana 2018-141Montana 2018-144Montana 2018-149Montana 2018-167Montana 2018-171Montana 2018-173Montana 2018-175Montana 2018-184Montana 2018-198Montana 2018-204Montana 2018-206Montana 2018-211Montana 2018-221Montana 2018-224DSC_9202wMontana 2018-226Montana 2018-231Montana 2018-236Montana 2018-245Montana 2018-254Montana 2018-262Montana 2018-266Montana 2018-269Montana 2018-271Montana 2018-279DSC_9628panoMontana 2018-282Montana 2018-293Montana 2018-300Montana 2018-319Montana 2018-324DSC_9986bweb

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