Maine : Travel – Pittsburgh based travel photographer

Hubs and I always try to plan a get away for our anniversary.  Last year, we made our way to Maine.  Spent time in Portland and travelled through Acadia National Park.  Had some amazing LOBSTER and great brews!  But, the major highlight for me was a surprise driving lesson at Wild Iris Farm in Bar Harbor, Maine.  Sandi has a beautiful working farm with a herd of Shire horses.  She also has a cute farmhouse for lodging.  Sandi was a wonderful teacher and I got to drive Zeke and Truman.  These guys were such characters…. and huge (over 19 hh). Oreo, one of the resident goats, walks around and hangs out with you while you are harnessing.

Here’s a mixture of “real camera” photos and what I have left of cellphone photos.  Just a PSA- guys, back up your phones!  I lost most all of my photos from this trip and I am so bummed about it.



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